'somewhere in between' artworks from the artmixture collective

yuan-wen wang 'dejavu' pen on paper

sophia daly-rossin 'metamorhposis' installation with books, paper

yuan-wen wang 'niño' pen drawing on paper

mix amylo 'through thought'installation illustration printed on transparent paper

jeni strachan 'merge'/'emerge' acrylic on canvas
oya metin 'leftovers' photography/installation

david lucas bell 'one blink of eternity' acrylic/photo

anna newbon 'from your world to mine' digital prints (series of 5)
mix amylo 'around the nothingness' pen illustration on paper
yuan wen wang 'i caught a dream' video installation
david lucas bell escaping contentment installation, door, saw
sophia daly-rossin 'the listeners' installation, door, candles, ivy

oya metin 'leftover' photography