April 2010


...Artsbank, Saltburn-by-the-sea, Cleveland, UK

paintings : acrylic on canvas


March 2010

'Dones el Futur'

...Civic Centro Barceloneta, Barcelona

painting 'some of this is real' : ink/enamel/acrylic paint on canvas : 1m x 1m


November 2009

'Ausencia' / 'Absence'

...Gracia Arts Project, Carrer Sant Honorat 11, Barcelona

painting 'some of this is real' : ink/enamel/acrylic paint on canvas : 1m x 1m


September 2009

'I Dream In Black and White' / 'Sueño en blanco y negro'

...El Escaparate, C/Cotoners 8 Bajo, Barcelona

window installation : sticks, acrylic/gloss paint, paper, pen, stones, vinyl, card : 2x2x1m


June 2009


...Artmixture Collective Group Show, RAI ART, Barcelona

tryptych 'it's ours' : ink, acrylic, enamel paint, pen on canvas : each 120x20cm


May 2009

'Fins Ara'

...International Group Show, "Untitled" BCN Galeria, Barcelona

painting 'it's ours' : ink, acrylic, pen on canvas : 120x20cm


April 2009


...Artmixture Collective Group Show, 'Open Waters', Le Kasbah, Barcelona

painting 'landscape of her' : acrylic/ink/spray paint on canvas : 130x80cm


Feb-March 2009

'Somewhere In Between'

...Artmixture Collective Group Show, "Untitled" BCN Galeria, Barcelona

video 'strange corridors', installation 'through thought', illustration 'around the nothingness'


December 2008

'[Fill This Space]'

...International Workshop Group Show, Metáfora, Barcelona

installation '33 trees', black and white illustrative drawings


Nov 2008/Jan-May 2009


...Aids Awareness Exhibition, Ambit Dona, Barcelona/permanent installation

installation 'thirty three million trees' : words on transparent paper, twigs


June 2008

'Free Range'

...International Workshop Group Show, Metáfora, Barcelona

videos 'maybe', drops of me', painting 'landscape of her', illustrative drawing 'i'm here somewhere'


May 2008

'No Man's Land'

...Group Show, Polidor, Sant Adria de Besos, Barcelona

illustrative drawing 'i'm here somewhere', 8 metre long drawings on strips 'from a cold distance'


April 2008

'Des De Fora'

...Digital-based Group Show, Punt Multimedia, Casa del Mig, Barcelona

video 'maybe', 2 photo stills from video


November 2007

'Open House'

...Solo Show, Twin Flat Gallery, Muswell Hill, London

paintings from 2006-2007


December 2006

'Postcard Show'

...Group Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

4 postcard sized pen drawings on paper


Nov-Dec 2006

'As Yet Unknown'

...Group Show, As Yet Unknown Gallery, Camden, London

12 paintings : acrylic/ink/pen on canvas


Nov 2005-May 2006


...Artsquare Gallery, Muswell Hill, London

10 acrylic paintings on square canvas


August-Dec 2005

'Bayswater Road Exhibition'

...Bayswater Road, London

paintings and drawings : acrylic/pen/ink/charcoal on canvas/paper


Nov-Dec 2004

‘Exposition Erotique'

...Mairie, Prades, Perpignan, France

paintings : acrylic on canvas


July 2004

'Before Flight'

...Solo Show, Red Spot Gallery, Chiswick, London

paintings/drawings from 2003-2004 : acrylic, oil, charcoal, pen, ink


Feb-March 2004


...Enoteca Giraldi, Florence, Italy

10 paintings : acrylic, ink, pen on paper

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