Mix Amylo is an artist, musician, composer, writer and dreamer, from London but based in Spain, who creates personal dreamscapes, finding strange beauty in dark places…

With her art she explores memory, dream, doorways into parallel worlds, and weaves eroticism, angst and human frailty into an often incredibly detailed, usually black and white surrealism…She is interested in moments, feelings, thoughts, what lingers, the residue from night splinters, and capturing the subconscious…Through a language both stark and beautiful, her work expresses an inner life, using a densely populated solitude, an escape from reality, and a complex spectrum of intangibles…Her earlier work uses bold, striking colours and images to portray both strength and fragility from an intrinsically feminine perspective…

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Musically she has recorded many albums of original songs, an eclectic blend of funky, quirky, jazzy hiphoppy stuff, with elements of classical music and acoustic sounds fused with both live musicians and programmed beats and samples... (mixamylo.bandcamp.com)...
Her focus has always been on creating her own music, but alongside that she has played, recorded and toured as a session musician (sax, piano/keyboards, clarinet, vocals) with other bands and artists...

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mix amylo biography


art studies :

Jan-Dec 2008 International Workshop at Metáfora, Barcelona, Spain

Sept-Dec 2007 Life Drawing, Royal Academy, London, UK

Aug-Sept 2007 Summer Studio at Cyprus School of Art, Paphos, Cyprus

Jan/May 2004 Accademia D'Arte, Florence, Italy

Sept-Dec 2003 Life Painting, Hampstead School of Art, London, UK

music studies :

Jazz and Contemporary Music degree at City of Leeds College of Music

Grade 8 Piano, Grade 8 Clarinet, Grade 5 Cello





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